Compass USA

At Group SJR, I helped redesign the official site for Compass USA, a leading food services provider, emphasizing the company’s long history and commitment to environmental and community impact.

Creative Director: Rachel Moog-Lagé
UX: Jennifer Hou
Visual Design: Joseph Li

Compass USA Official Site

The Challenge

The existing Compass USA site was outdated, and did not reflect the image of the brand and company. The disorganized structure of the site made it difficult for readers to find relevant content and prevented editors from quickly adapting to events in the news cycle or surfacing new content.

The Solution

We redesigned the Compass USA site to reflect the modern values and image of the company, surface more original content, and make the site more flexible and easier to maintain from an editorial perspective.


We generated 5 personas based on the primary target audience for the site and gathered information for them based on feedback from food writers, current employees, and company partners.

New Client Persona
Press Persona
Investor Persona
Jobseeker Persona
Employee Persona

Research Findings

Compass' Old Site

Unfocused Messaging
Because the target audience included different personas with different interests, the current site had become a hodgepodge of content without much focus. Our team decided to bring the site back to the strong community based values of Compass, their dedication to client and employee satisfaction, and their investment in sustainable agriculture.

Lack of Employee Engagement
By looking at the analytics of the site, we concluded that most of the visitors to the old site were employees, who had had the site installed as their default homepage on their internet browsers (traffic dipped significantly on weekends). By including more content to engage and inform employees, Compass could use the site as a corporate bulletin and dashboard for the numerous employees who visited the site everyday, as well as those seeking a new job.

Lack of Content Organization
Despite the enormous amount of worthwhile content on Compass USA, it was difficult to find anything due to the content organization and navigation of the site. We sought to reorganize all content on the site in order to surface many interesting articles on Compass' investments in new technology, developing trends in the food services industry, and community engagement, which would appeal to journalists and investors alike.

No Call to Action
Because Compass USA is a holding company that owns many food services companies that deal directly with clients, the emphasis on client services is understandably subdued on the site. However, our team felt that an opportunity was being missed to connect prospective clients to subsidiaries that would suit their needs.

Information Architecture

Along with our editorial team, I worked to reorganize the content categories on the site into a logical order.

Compass USA Old Sitemap Compass USA New Sitemap


In order to create a site that could be easily maintained by Compass, I designed several content modules that could be used interchangeably within a CMS. This would give the editor of the site maximum flexibility over content presentation and make publishing a faster process.

Compass USA Mobile Homepage Wireframe Compass USA Desktop Homepage Wireframe

Visual Design

For the visual design, our team decided to expand upon the existing palette of Compass' branding, with colors evoking nature and sustenance. We also designed a company timeline that would appear as an overlay, to create a narrative around the culture and history of the company.

Compass USA Homepage Visual Design
Compass USA Company Timeline Visual Design

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