Mental Health Advocacy

At Group SJR, I led User Experience Design on a mental health advocacy site for a pharmaceutical client specializing in psychiatric medications. Our client needed a platform where they could craft their messaging around mental illness and build upon 20 years of leadership in the space.
This project is currently in progress, so I will show wireframes but not visual designs.

Creative Director: Rachel Moog-Lagé
UX: Jennifer Hou

Mental Health Advocacy


Our goal was to emphasize our client’s reputation as a leader in mental health treatment and awareness by targeting passionate readers who would share our content with their networks. Based on our research, influential mental health professionals and socially conscious millennials were two audiences that frequently shared content related to mental illness on social media. Therefore, we knew we needed a site with a professional editorial tone and in-depth coverage that would still appeal to non-medical professionals.

With input from our content strategy team, I created two personas to represent our audience segments based on interviews with medical and health writers, and on research on millenials who shared content from sites like .Mic, Buzzfeed, and We then developed our site design and editorial strategy around the motivations of our personas.

Mental Health Professional Persona
Socially Conscious Millenial Persona

Selected Wireframes

John and Sarah share a desire to access information on mental health, but may differ in their approach to consuming that information. For example, Sarah would be more likely to use a mobile device, and to browse the site to discover topics she is interested in. On other hand, John would be less likely to be on a small mobile device and might already know what topics he is looking for. Below were some of my design recommendations for the site, demonstrated in the wireframes.

Mobile-First Layout: Layout requires less navigating to view content, emphasis on scrolling, ability to share any page on mobile.

Mobile Homepage Mobile Navbar
Mobile Menu Mobile Social Sharing
Tablet Homepage Desktop Homepage

Endless Stream of Content: Keeps reader engaged and allows them to discover new content, better for mobile. Lots of evergreen content, so the chronology of the posts is determined by relevance rather than date published.

Mobile Category Page Desktop Category Page

Navigating by Tags: More flexibility to change site categories as content strategy evolves over time.

Mobile Tags Desktop Tags

Content Adaptability: A consistent presentation of the content across the site and other platforms was extremely important to the client’s branding and storytelling, and site optimization made the content more accessible. I worked with the editorial team to develop rules on how different types of content are displayed throughout the site and translate to other platforms.

Mobile Article Page
Desktop Article Page with Hero Image Desktop Article Page without Hero Image

Content Management: Although the end user of the site was the visitor, another important user was the editor who had to navigate the CMS of the site and publish new articles. I helped determine CMS options and publishing tools for greater flexibility to accommodate different articles and posts.

Next Steps

The final site design and content are currently being revised for Medical Review. Once it has been approved by a council of physicians, the site will go live.

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